Our Lady's Primary School Surrey Hills

Beginning School - The Next Step!

To ensure that starting school is an exciting and rewarding experience for your child, we will gather information to help plan your child’s learning program.


What can you provide?

As the parents and your child’s first teacher, you are the people that know your child the best! If there is something that you feel the teacher needs to know - positive aspects of your child’s development or matters that concern you, you are welcome to contact the school to arrange an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher. To ensure you have our undivided attention, we discourage conversations about students wellbeing and /or academic performance at the start of the school day when the teacher is settling students. To honour the conversation we ask that a time is set aside to so we can speak privately.

When you share information it can help the teacher to develop an understanding of your child as a unique individual. The more knowledge the teacher has about your child, the better chance they have to support your child in their learning and socialising at school.


If you are cheerful and positive about your child's school then your child will feel the same!



Our Lady's Primary School Surrey Hills

Friday 5th March     9.00am  10am, 12 noon

Friday 12th March    9.00am  10am, 12 noon

Saturday 27th March   10 am to 11.00am

Wednesday 28th April  9.00am  10am, 12 noon

Due to COVID 19 and the current restrictions to school tours, we warmly welcome you to  contact the school directly to arrange a personalised virtual tour with the school principal.



Our Lady's Primary School Surrey Hills


A Taste of Our School

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Parent Information Session


School Tour


Orientation in the Classroom

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Meet & Greet


Home Visits

(Term 1)


A friend to look out for you

Building relationships is a big part of life at Our Lady’s. Our Prep students are introduced to their Year 5 buddy during the transition program in the year before they start school. There are regular times when the children come together to share lunch, a learning activity or simply to play.



Representing our school

Our school encourages the students to wear their uniform proudly and in doing so are wonderful ambassadors of Our Lady’s Primary School.

Students are expected to wear the school uniform at all times unless notice is given of a special dress day.

All uniforms are ordered through the school with order forms available at the school office. Volunteer uniform co-ordinators from our parent community manage the purchasing of uniforms from the wholesaler.

For the safety of the students, jewellery is not permitted, with the exception of stud earrings.  Girls may wear hair ties or ribbons in shades of blue/navy or blue and white gingham, to match the summer dress.

Our Lady’s Primary School is a Sunsmart school. Wearing the wide brimmed hat with Our Lady’s Primary School’s emblem in Terms 1 and 4 is compulsory. The hat should be in good condition and clearly labelled. In summer, sunscreen is to be provided by parents, with a roll-on being recommended. If your child is allergic to sunscreen, please let your class teacher know.

All articles of clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

The summer uniform is worn in Term 1 and Term 4 and the winter uniform is worn in Term 2 and Term 3. Sports uniform is to be worn on the days designated for each class. Year 6 students may wear their Bomber Jackets, which are ordered at the commencement of each year.



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